Scope and Topics
Submissions related to the following principal themes are encouraged, but any topics relevant to the field of formal engineering methods and their practical applications will also be considered. 
  1. Abstraction, refinement and evolution
  2. Formal specification and modeling
  3. Program analysis
  4. Formal verification
  5. Model checking
  6. Formal approaches to software testing and inspection
  7. Formal methods for self-adaptive systems
  8. Formal methods for object-oriented systems
  9. Formal methods for component-based systems
  10. Formal methods for concurrent and real-time systems
  11. Formal methods for cloud computing
  12. Formal methods for cyber-physical systems
  13. Formal methods for software safety, security, reliability and dependability
  14. Tool development, integration and experiments involving verified systems
  15. Formal methods used in certifying products under international standards
  16. Formal model-based development and code generation